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  • To build confidence in girls and empower them to say “I can”.

  • To make space for girls.

  • To shatter the stereotypes and support girls to show the world what they are capable of.

  • To invite girls and young women into STEM industries.

  • To give girls practical skills, knowledge and experience.


We make space

Girls Assemble is a physical space for girls, every fearless builder girl who takes a class at Girls Assemble will have their name displayed forever on our wall. Making space means that girls are seen, supported, and invited to shape their own world. Girls Assemble programs are free or low cost and focus on supporting under served girls throughout Cornwall. 

A focus on community 

Projects designed and built by girls which are responses to the needs in our community: desks for a playgroup, a shed for a community farm, shelving for a food bank. By connecting skills to the real world, girls amplify their voice and leadership potential. 

Technical, high-fidelity instruction

Led by skilled female builders and instructors, girls learn the industry relevant techniques, terminology, and problem-solving skills that set them up for success in our projects and their future careers.

Expression through art

Girls Assemble shows girls that they can be the change they want to see. Girls ACT is our art program. Art has a powerful history as a vehicle for social change and to encourage a sense of community. Girls learn to speak up about the issues that concern THEM. Their voice is heard. This program seeks to empower and teach skills and knowledge that can change the world.

Intimate, long-term mentorship

Girls are supported and encouraged to belong. Our skilled staff and instructors understand that each girl has unique strengths, wisdom, skills and aspirations. Relationship is essential to building community and we work together to support girls to forge their own pathway through life. 


We aim to offer a growing portfolio of opportunities for girls to bring their audacious ideas to life. But in our first year we will focus on the following workshops:


After School Woodworking and Carpentry

Community Build Projects

Advanced Design and Build

Girls Act - Art as Activism


Girls Assemble was founded by Project Lead Sophia Medine, with a background in event management, marketing and community projects, she is now a trainee joiner. She wants to create a change in both the construction and STEM industries. "This isn't just about girls, it's about shaking up the whole industry and making it more accessible, inclusive and better for everyone, boys and girls!" 

Jenny Gratton is our Education Lead, having worked with young people in inclusive, community comprehensive schools in the UK for the past twelve years. A kinaesthetic learner herself, she has always enjoyed the process of learning-through-doing and finds it incredibly rewarding to support and encourage young people through the same processes, building their confidence, resourcefulness and resilience. Her love of designing, building, making and creating has taken her beyond the traditional classroom setting and has seen her work with progressive organisations in the U.S. – Project Ember and Tinkering School – as well as start her own creative social enterprise – MAKE:DO - and she is incredibly excited to bring the same powerful and transformative educational experiences to Girls Assemble.

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